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Attendance solutions on cloud

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As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to improve your internal processes. Smart owners know that it’s not all about their sales team. True growth happens for businesses that are run by those who think about the big picture. While sales are important, they know that creating efficient systems that allow HR and other internal teams to run effectively is of equal importance.

Time and attendance   is one area that is often ignored by businesses that are too focused on external growth. An outdated system that is difficult to use and lacks flexible options can have a negative impact on both future opportunities for growth and a company’s current bottom line. Fortunately, Komal Micro System & Services have plenty of options for the owner who is ready for an upgrade. Most of the best choices are cloud-based and utilize cutting-edge technology to provide flexible and user-friendly solutions.

  • Attendance on the go for sales executive, field executives, employees on WFH (work from home)
  • Attendance on mobile with device location and geo fencing feature.
  • Improves Flexibility for employees
  • Employees Self Service portal which helps them in checking their statistics.
  • Easy, anytime & anywhere reports.
  • No Computer system reqd.
  • Data safety
  • Saves from software reinstallation in event of system formatting.

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