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E guard solution

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CCTVs are installed but no body monitors its health and no body checks regulary if its working. Sometime theft happens and then only customer got to know that CCTV was not functioning.

Komal Micro System & Services have answers to these problems.

Komal Micro System & Services is authorized partner for  HMS (Health Monitoring System) & CMS (Centralized Monitoring System) services offered by Securico and CPPLUS. It is a SaaS based service for device health monitoring solutions that is offered through a web browser. This service always ensure system up and running. SI agent and principal company. Our responsibility is to commission and create  end to end integration . HMS provides visibility to both (Customer and SI) and any breakdown in system with resolution time. This CMS or HMS service has capability of auto escalation to  unattended incidents. Customer can choose different plan as per requirement.  Customer get notified about any breakdown. It provides interactive dashboards for customer and service integrator.

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