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There is no need to book a time slot, just pop into our office during business hours,  An executive will log your computer into the repair system and get started as soon as possible.

Absolutely yes, We provide repair & maintenance services for computer systems, laptops, CCTV, Biometric attendance machines, Fire Alarm, PA , Intrusion alarm systems & EPABX. For the same prior call logging is reqd. and technician can reach your place with in 48hrs. (Although we try to reach earliest).

Yes but only at our office, not onsite.

Absolutely yes, we have IT spare parts like RAM, HDD, Antivirus softwares in stock, CCTV cameras and biometric machines are always in stock. Other products if not available are procured promptly through distributors and are offered in best / competitive prices to our customers. We have free delivery options available for our customers. You may call/ email/ whatsapp for any product requirements.

We have a diagnostic service charge since our  engineers can sometimes take up to 2 hours to diagnose a repair after which the customer may decide not to proceed, it is to cover this cost. It is a very meagre and unobjectionable amount.

In reference to software installations there is no warranty (but we are not rigid). For hardware repairs we offer a 30 day service warranty related to the same problem. If the problem re-occurs in this span then we will fix it at no extra cost. Spare parts have their own product warranty e.g. RAM if installed has 3 years product warranty.

We accept almost all payment methods – cash , cheque, Gpay, Phone Pe, Bhim UPI, NEFT, IMPS, Paytm. Currently not accepting credit/debit cards as 1.5 -2% charges get levied on transaction.

We never remove or otherwise touch your data apart for backup purposes (which we’ll always go over with you first.) We take data security very seriously, and are trusted by large companies with their most sensitive data.

Yes, you will know all costs, including taxes, before we do anything. There are no surprises and no hidden charges.

If for some reason we are unable to repair your product, we will refund your repair charge in full.

We do allow friends or family or staff members to collect your product after repair on your behalf if you are unable to make it, however, they must have one form of photo identification  and after phone call verification with you we will release the product.

After repair if somehow you don’t turn up to collect your product then we ll keep it till 6 months atmost then afterwards we would not be held responsible.

Depending upon the nature of the repair, they can take anywhere from 1 up to 7 working days. Generally if parts need to be ordered for a repair it can take approximately 3-5 working days for the parts to arrive and be fitted.