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Mobile Signal Booster Device


Calls getting dropped in the middle of an important conversation can be annoying and disturbing. With the mobile signal booster installed by Komal Micro System & Services you can avoid this problem and add stability and strength to your cellular network anywhere.

At Komal Micro Systems we provide you the best range of dual band / tri band 2g, 3g, 4g mobile signal booster kit with LPDA antenna for outdoor and patch antenna for indoor coverage


  1. Frequency: 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz
  2. Output power (Po): 22dBm
  3. Gain: Uplink Gp 70dB, Downlink Gp 75dB
  4. Coverage Area: 1800sq. feet with extra accessories
  5. Pass band ripple: 3dB
  6. I/O impedance: 50ohm N connector
  7. Noise figure: 4dB
  8. Power supply: AC110 to 240V
  9. Power Consumption: 10W
  10. RF Connector type: N-Female
  11. Humidity: 90%
  12. Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C

Reasons for Weak Mobile Signal

There can be many reasons for weak mobile signal in your area, it can be due to building materials such as the concrete basement and vaulted ceilings, weather, location can be outside the BTS ( Base Transmission System) coverage station and many more.

The Ultimate Solution of Weak Mobile Network

Installing Mobile Signal Booster in your area will improve the cellular connectivity. Basically, it consists of two antenna’s, the external antenna is placed mostly on the topmost portion of the building, which fetches signal to another antenna which is placed inside the building and consist of repeaters. These repeaters reproduce the signal of stronger bandwidth, which solves all your mobile network connectivity issues.



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